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We are proud to be agent and stockist of FOREX Balikbayan boxes. One of the leading and most trusted Balikbayan boxes Door to Door delivery to the Philippines. If you are looking for fast and reliable service don't look elsewhere. PICK UP your Balikbayan boxes from PHIL-AUST FOOD.
Reasons Why You Need to Choose FOREX Door to Door Delivery to bring your boxes to the Philippines:
  • FOREX Australia will pick up your boxes from Australia and FOREX Philippines will deliver your boxes once it is in the Philippines to your relatives. There is no third party or contractor that will handle your boxes. Which gives you added peace of mind.
  • FOREX ships almost on a scheduled regular basis from Australia and thus, you are assured that your boxes will arrive faster as compared to other Door to Door Balikbayan boxes delivery service.
  • They have an efficient barcode and tracking system that is applied to all your boxes thus give you easy access to tracking the progress of your Balikbayan boxes online.
  • With FOREX there is no L.C.L. (Loose cargo). Which means more security for your shipment as your boxes are not sent as a loose cargo just to send it across to the Philippines. Every boxes are sent across with exclusive FOREX boxes which secures your boxes while in transit.
  • Regular shipment schedules are posted on their website and containers leave whether the container is full or not.
  • Actual recipient are photographed together with the boxes and this can be requested as proof of delivery.
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