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FAQ on Money Remittance Service
Q.   Can I just text the details of my new recipient if I am an existing customer?
A.    Yes. You can just sms the details of your new recipient.

Q.   Am I able to send in other way aside from Door to Door?
A.   Yes. you can send via pickup from our accredited banks in the Philippines and other payout partner like  Cebuanna Lhuillier and Mluillier.

.   Until what time can I send my remittance?
A.    We accept remittance until 8:00PM for processing here in Australia but note that payout will not be  processed/released in the Philippines until the next day.

 Does the rate of the day change?
A.   Yes. Normally, changes or revision in the rate of the day happens around 11:00AM to 12:00PM. In some odd cases there are times that revision also happens in the late afternoon.

Q.   If my proof of identification that you have on file expires, will you be needing a new one?
A.    Yes. We would need to update our record if your ID expires as we will not be able to send your remittance  with an expired ID.

Q.   Do I need to inform you of my new address if we move house?
A.    Yes, as AUSTRAC, requires us to keep an updated record of all our customers. Every now and then we will  also contact you to ensure that your record are still updated.

Q.   Do I need to give you all my personal details every time I send money?
A.    No. If you already have a record with us and you are an existing customer then you no longer need to give us your personal details every time you send money remittance.

Q.   How much do you charge?
A.    Our fees and charges varies defending on the delivery method you chose. For details please visit our Service Fees' page.

Q.   How long will my beneficiary receive the money?
A.    Again, this will also defend on what delivery method you chose. For details on the estimated delivery times please visit our Delivery Schedule page.

FAQ on Forex Balikbayan Boxes

Q.    Do I need to make an appointment before picking up my box?
A.     Yes. We require appointment or at least inform us before coming to ensure that there is somebody present at  the time that you come to pickup your box.
Q.    Do I need to pay the full amount to pickup my box?
A.     No, but you will be required to pay a $10.00 deposit for each boxes.
Q.    Is the $10.00 extra fee aside from the total freight cost?
A.     No. The $10.00 deposit will be deductible from the total freight cost.
Q.    Do I need to deliver the box to you once it's full?
A.     No. We will normally pickup the full box from your place unless; you are on the outlying country Victoria ie. Horsham. In which case, we might asked you to meet up whoever will pickup on our coverage area.
Q.    Can you pick up at a time that is convenient for me?
A.     You can certainly ask. But we are unable to guarantee that we will be able to adjust as we have scheduled  pickup on every area. 
Q.    Can I track my box?
A.     Yes. You will be able to track your box using the tracking number found in your receipt via the main Forex website.
Q.    How long will my box arrive to the Philippines?
A.     It will defend on the destination of your Forex box. For more details please visit our Estimated Delivery times' page.

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