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Sending Money Through Phil-Aust (How it Works)

Before you can avail of our money remittance service you are required to be a registered remitter. You are a registered member already if you have sent money through us before and or you have already been verified. If this is your first time to send money through our service then please  register now .

Step 1.
Step 2.

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Step 7.

Get the rate of the day by sending an sms to 0418986386

 Deposit your remittance including the fee to any of our nominated bank accounts via internet  banking or over the counter.

 Send an sms to 0418986386 to confirm the amount you deposited, The method of sending. It would help to send us a screen shot or picture of your transfer receipt.

We will verify the deposit. In case you deposited via internet banking and the deposit has not yet cleared into our bank accounts; we will still be able to process your transaction using the  rate of the day. Note, however, that monies will not be release until your payment has cleared.

Your transaction is processed

 You will receive an sms at the end of the day for the confirmation of your transaction.

 Your beneficiary receives the money

****Note:  Processing cut-off as well as delivery schedule applies.
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